Chairman's Message


Chairman's Message

Doon International School Kupwara

Doon International School is not just an Institution; it is a legacy that each DISian inherits to nourish and flourish. There are immeasurable hours of grit behind each DISians success; oodles of perseverance behind their perfection; and tonnes of toil behind their testimonials. 

It is here that our student’s fear turn into faith, their insecurities transform into confidence. their challenges show them opportunities and their uncertainties are unleashed through their creativity. The annals of this Annual Magazine, treasure the stories of each DISian. Pedagogical innovations and pastoral care are the warp and weft of the fabric of life at Doon International School Kupwara.In it are weaved aesthetic patterns of curricular, co-curricular and sports activities which adorn the experience of holistic education. Learning is an engaging and enriching process. Traditions are respected, yet innovations are encouraged. Practices are ever evolving, yet the bonds that are forged are unchanging.Rightly said, There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs." At DIS Kupwara,we as a team are constantly striving to instill these virtues in every DISian. Our students are thus challenged to push beyond their comfort zones and to think critically and creatively.

Each child is provided with authentic learning experiences and is connected to the adults who truly care.

We encourage our students to act with compassion, accept responsibility and choose to do the right. I take this opportunity to thank and congratulate our Editorial team for their dedicated effort in putting together this issue of VISION. Our team zealously provides emotional as well as moral support to our students. We focus on our children's strengths and further hone their talents. On this occasion I wish and pray that let the givers and receivers of DIS Kupwara academic community be motivated by the spirit of building up a nation full of vitality. May God guide us in all our endeavours!

Best wishes

Ubaid raina 


Dis kupwara