Faculty Regulations

Ensuring Excellence and Order

Faculty Regulations

Punctuality is essential as school begins at 9:45 a.m., requiring all teachers to arrive by 9:30 a.m. The LMS and a register will be used to track teacher attendance.

Teachers on morning field duty should arrive before 9:45 a.m. and fulfill their duties according to their job description. T.O.D should report by 9:30 a.m. and stay until 4:00 p.m. During assembly, teachers are responsible for checking uniforms, appearance, and accessories, while refraining from talking. Class teachers stand behind their class lines and subject teachers stand at the side during assembly. They guide students to and from the classroom after the morning and evening assemblies. After the eighth period, class teachers review diaries, assessments, and teacher's remark books before assembly. Proper corrections with red pen, signatures, and dates are crucial, and corrections must be completed within three days. The maintenance of the time recorder, daily assessments, lesson plans, and teacher's remark book is essential for supervision. Leaving classes during class hours is generally not allowed, except in unavoidable situations. Pupils should not be sent out during periods unless there's an emergency, and toilet breaks should ideally occur during breaks. Class teachers delegate monitors to collect and return materials from the coordinator's office. Teachers should enter or leave classrooms promptly after the bell. Separate books for home and class assignments are needed for each subject. Teachers must be on the field by 9:40 a.m. for assembly. Student work should be complete and accurate, and any errors or omissions must be corrected promptly. The school conducts internal audits each term, where teachers and department heads assess each other's work and submit reports to the management.

The school's syllabus is devised on a term-by-term basis, requiring teachers to complete it for each subject, even if it entails extra classes. Any teacher requesting extra classes must submit a written application to the Principal, specifying the date, time, and duration.

Teachers are responsible for creating standardized questions within the set timeframe and delivering them to the Examination In charge. Question papers must be turned in according to the calendar schedule. Students are not allowed to receive potential exam questions from teachers.

During exams, teachers must uphold strict invigilation standards, checking and signing all answer scripts and supplementary papers. The invigilator holds full responsibility for answer scripts until they're given to the Examination In charge. Activities like correcting scripts, personal communication, leaving the exam room without a substitute teacher, and reading material are strictly prohibited.

Answer scripts need meticulous correction and verification by the respective subject teacher, utilizing a red pen for any corrections. Within three days from the exam date, the marks should be given to the Examination In charge. When tabulating marks, teachers must exercise utmost diligence, ensuring no mistakes are tolerated in result preparation. Results should adhere to the school calendar and be submitted to the Examination In charge.

DISK upholds an unwavering standard of discipline among both teaching and non-teaching staff. Our teachers set the example, coming to school dressed formally, showcasing professionalism. English is the language of instruction, fostering an immersive learning environment. Our teachers embrace a healthy lifestyle, refraining from any forms of substance use. Within our premises, they stay committed, using their leisure time effectively for tasks such as correction and preparation.

The selection and approval of our teachers are vital to our success. Our School Management meticulously evaluates each candidate, looking for positive attitudes, dedication, and innovative teaching methodologies. Result-oriented approaches and a commitment to continuous improvement in academics and discipline are paramount. Our teachers are our foundation, chosen with care and aligned with our mission to deliver a superior education.

Teachers are strictly prohibited from using abusive language or name-calling towards any child publicly. When a senior student engages in serious misconduct, the concerned teacher should issue a verbal warning initially. If the misconduct continues, the matter must be escalated to the Principal, School Coordinator, or Accademic In charge for appropriate disciplinary measures against the student. Under no circumstances is any form of physical punishment allowed by teachers.

The leave policy at DISK (the school mentioned in the provided data) outlines various aspects related to teachers' leave entitlements, procedures, and conditions. Here's a detailed explanation of the leave policy:

  1. A. Holidays and Leave Entitlement:

    Teachers are entitled to holidays as per the school calendar. After the completion of one year, teachers are granted 12 days of Casual Leave (CL) per year. During the probation period, only 6 days of CL will be granted.

  2. B. Sick Leave:

    After completing two year of probation, teachers are eligible for 6 days of sick leave in a year.

    A doctor's certificate is required when taking sick leave. If a teacher falls sick for more than 6 days in a year, they can get an additional three days of leave without pay upon producing a doctor's certificate.

  3. C. Long Sick Leave:

    In the case of an extended sick leave, the teacher is expected to resign to ensure the smooth functioning of the school.

  4. D. Maternity Leave:

    Maternity leave of 42 days will be granted only after completing two year probation period from the date of joining. Alternatively, the teacher must take leave without pay.

  5. E. Leave Without Pay:

    If a teacher's leave balance is exhausted, they can take leave without pay.

  6. F. Bonus and Benefits:

    Teachers whose sick leave remains due will receive a bonus in accordance with the basic salary after completing one year.

  7. G. Leave Approval:

    Teachers must apply for leave in advance, and leave must be granted; otherwise, it will be considered leave without pay.

  8. H. Resignation and Notice Period:

    A teacher wishing to resign must provide one month's written notice to the Principal or forgo one month's salary.

    Resignation will not be accepted after the Mid Term.

    Work should be up-to-date and in order when the resignation is submitted to ensure a smooth transition for the incoming teacher/staff member.

  9. I. Termination of Services:

    In the event of gross misconduct, the school reserves the right to terminate the service of a staff member without notice.

  10. J. Experience Letter:

    In the event of gross misconduct, the school reserves the right to terminate the service of a staff member without notice.

The benefits for teachers at DISK (the school mentioned in the provided data) include a range of offerings aimed at recognizing and supporting the teaching staff. Here's an explanation of the benefits provided to teachers:

  1. 1. Free Education for Children:

    After completing the stipulated one-year of your service, teachers are entitled to free education (day scholar) for one child.

  2. 2. Provident Fund:

    The school provides a provident fund to the teaching staff after completion of one year of service.

    The provident fund serves as a financial safety net and a form of savings for the teachers' future.

  3. 3. Professional Tax Deduction:

    The school deducts professional tax on a monthly basis, following the taxation policy of the Government of India.

    A receipt is provided to teachers as proof of the tax deduction.

    These benefits are designed to recognize and appreciate the contributions of the teaching staff at DISK. By offering free education for children, provident fund contributions, and complying with taxation policies, the school aims to provide a supportive and rewarding environment for its teachers. These benefits contribute to the overall job satisfaction and well-being of the teaching staff, fostering a positive atmosphere within the school community.

The school's policy on language spoken in the premises at DISK (the school mentioned in the provided data) emphasizes the importance of creating an English-speaking environment. Here's an explanation of the language policy:

  1. I. Use of English Language:

    Teachers are instructed to encourage students to speak in English at all times while in the classroom and within the school premises.

    The primary goal is to immerse students in an English-speaking environment, fostering language skills and proficiency.

  2. II. Discouragement of Other Languages:

    Students are strongly discouraged from using languages other than English, such as Kashmiri or Urdu, while communicating within the school premises.

    The aim is to create a consistent and language-rich environment that supports the development of English language skills.

    By emphasizing the use of English and discouraging the use of other languages within the school premises, the policy at DISK aims to enhance students' language proficiency and communication skills. This approach aligns with the goal of preparing students for a globalized world where English proficiency is often a valuable asset.

The termination policy for teachers at DISK (the school mentioned in the provided data) outlines the conditions under which a staff member's employment may be ended. Here's an explanation of the teacher termination policy:

  1. I. Gross Misconduct:

    The policy states that in the event of gross misconduct, the school reserves the right to terminate the services of a staff member without providing notice. Gross misconduct generally refers to serious violations of the school's code of conduct, ethics, or professional standards.

  2. II. Termination Without Notice: t:

    If a staff member engages in behavior that is considered a gross misconduct, the school may take immediate action to terminate their employment without any prior notice.

    The termination policy is designed to maintain the integrity and professionalism of the school environment. It ensures that serious breaches of conduct are addressed promptly to safeguard the overall well-being of the school community. The policy provides a clear understanding that gross misconduct can lead to termination without notice, indicating the seriousness with which the school views such violations.

The school retains the flexibility to make amendments to its rules and regulations throughout the year, ensuring that they align with the evolving needs and demands of the institution.

"Immerse yourself in the spirit of excellence as you embrace these guidelines, diligently weaving together circulars, notices, and instructions into a tapestry of strict implementation."

"Unleash the transformative power within you as an educator; channel your focus and unwavering dedication to sculpt a masterpiece of academic success. Remember, the brilliance of a child's performance mirrors the brilliance of your guidance."

"With a resolute heart, I embrace the mantle of responsibility, having absorbed the Rules and Regulations as my guiding light. Should I stumble, I pledge to honorably accept the Principal's judgment, even if it leads to the crossroads of service termination, without hesitation or query."